Understanding Your Vehicle: Introducing Our New Driver Program

Our new driver program is designed to provide vital information for both inexperienced drivers and those who want to further their knowledge of vehicles.

Come join us for our monthly program, where we will teach you the basics of car maintenance! We will cover the major parts of a car, the importance of regular maintenance, and what to do when certain warning lights come on. We will show you how to check oil and fluid levels, tire pressures, and even how to change a tire on the side of the road. Plus, there will be time to ask questions during and after the session. And there’s more – when you arrive, we’ll get you up close with a car on a lift so you can see everything up close.

There’s absolutely no charge to attend, and refreshments will be provided. The second Wednesday of every month, don’t miss it!

New Driver Schedule for 2023

Classes start at 6PM and are about an hour long.
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