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Vehicle Sales

With Massey Automotive you’ll buy exactly the vehicle you want at a price that you determine. Buying a pre-owned car or truck through Massey Automotive of East Cobb Marietta will be the easiest, most stress-free car or truck purchase decision that you will ever make. In fact, once you work with us, we doubt you will buy a vehicle any other way.

Why buying pre-owned just makes good financial sense:

  • Depreciation – new vehicles depreciate significantly during the first two years of Pre-owned auto and truck sales in Marietta gaownership. Let the first owner incur this cost!  In most cases, the pre-owned car or truck you buy has just come off lease or has been traded for a newer model. It has low or standard mileage for its model year and is likely still under factory warranty – which means any major repairs will be handled by the manufacturer.

Most vehicles we sell are approximately two to five years old with less than 50,000 miles.

Why buying a pre-owned car from Massey Automotive is an easy and stress-free car purchase:

  • We take care of searching for the car you want at the price you want and will obtain a condition report. This reportPre-owned auto and truck sales in Marietta ga will disclose the vehicle’s condition; including dents, scratches, weather damage, tires, etc. You will also receive an accident report from CarFax® or AutoCheck®.
  • The car is delivered to Massey Automotive and given a thorough used vehicle inspection. We then discuss with you any adjustments, if needed, such as minor mechanical repairs or cosmetic touchups. Your car will then be fully detailed and ready for pick up.

For your added protection and peace of mind, extended warranty contracts are available. Click here to download the car sales Brochure.

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